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Photo Safaris

Your Adventure Awaits…

Primus Villas specializes in exclusive and unique vacation experiences featuring a true native authenticity, while maintaining American standards. Our safari camp is located just three hours north of Johannesburg in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Featuring luxury tent accommodations, each with private bedroom, sitting area, and en suite bathroom, Primus Villas’ Safari Camp is arguably among the finest that South Africa has to offer.

From the moment you arrive in country to the minute you board your plane to head home, our team will work diligently to ensure that your experience in South Africa is stress free and memorable.

Upon arrival in Johannesburg, you and your travel partner will be transferred via shuttle to our private safari camp where you’ll spend the next five days viewing an amazing display of wildlife and landscape just minutes from your quarters. Those that are interested in extending their trip may find pleasure in touring South Africa’s famed wine region or by taking in the sights and culture found throughout Cape Town. Whether you are in search of privacy and solitude or an activity-packed week in the heart of the action, Primus Villas is truly able to offer the best of both worlds and a perfect setting for your adventure abroad.

Each day, you and your guest will be led by our professional guides on a wild game drive through the property. Depending on the time of year, these game drives will typically last between two and three hours. You will also have the opportunity to relax at your tent, take a dip in the pool, or experience one of our incredible excursions which include horseback safaris, elephant encounters, and authentic South African evenings with mountain-top sundowner, Braii and night game drive.

During your stay, we hope that you’ll try some native delicacies prepared by our team of expert chefs. We consider superb cuisine to be an essential part of the Primus experience, and the choice of ingredients reflects our efforts to establish a respectful relationship with our environment. Our recipes are a source of great pride and each ingredient is chosen with care, favoring home grown organic produce, free range game, and herbs from our kitchen garden to create dishes that are irresistibly delicious and healthy. Dietary restrictions are happily accommodated, and we encourage a dialogue regarding your preferences between you and your personal concierge.

As your stay winds down, you’ll embark on your final game drive Friday morning and return to the lodge in time to enjoy a delectable breakfast before departing from the lodge. In South Africa, international travelers are required to be at the airport three hours prior to the scheduled departure time; therefore, guests should schedule their departure flights at or after 5PM on Friday. Please note that traffic and weather can cause delays at times, so building in time for the unforeseen is always recommended.

From offering proper packing suggestions to assisting with trip extensions and menu requirements, Primus Villas is available and willing to help plan your trip to the “Dark Continent” that is truly extraordinary.

  • Are there paved roads and game fences nears or around the reserve?

    The western exploration of Africa started in South Africa so it’s development is much more sophisticated than most other parts of Africa. Paved roads and highways are the norm along the journey you will embark on with Primus and most of our safari camp game reserve is fenced. With that said, your experience will still be very native and wild.

  • Will we be provided with a final itinerary?

    Yes, Primus Villas will prepare and send a comprehensive trip itinerary prior to your departure date complete with all planned excursions, final details and contact numbers for your convenience.

  • Is it safe to walk around the camp?

    Yes, you are more than welcome to walk around the camp. It’s advised and important to let a ranger know of your intentions, and he may elect to accompany you, but our guest are certainly encouraged to explore the property.

  • Is laundry service available?

    Yes, we can arrange for a laundry service at an additional fee.

  • Do we need to bring soap? What about towels?

    Primus Villas provides a starter supply of bath and dish soap, paper towels, and toilet paper. Please bring your preferred brand of shampoo. Shampoo is available at the local grocery stores, though your brand is not guaranteed. All necessary towels and linens are provided at the villa. There is no need to bring those items along on your trip.

  • What animals can we expect to see on the photo safari?

    While the spotting of any one particular animal cannot be guaranteed, guests can generally expect to encounter the majority of South Africa’s plains game, as well as baboons, monkeys, hippos, Cape buffalo, bush babies, giraffes, etc..